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What to Expect in the Process




When you schedule your free consultation with me, I will help better direct you to what package best fits your needs. Once we determine what you are looking for in your wedding video, we can begin the process of determining how we can make your wedding film unique to your experiences.

What makes up a great film, are the story, people involved, direction, and the cinematography. Learning as much as possible about the couple's passion and values will help make creating the film as unique as possible. Through a series consultations we can create a wedding film that captures the emotions that hold strong in your relationship.

My goal is to be able give couples a stress free experience, while being able to enjoy the process of creating a wedding film. From the time you book with me, all the way to the delivery of the video, I will use your passion and values that are shared by the couples, as a part of the journey of creating their wedding video.

  • 8 Hours of Filming

  • Pre-Wedding Consultation

  • 3 to 5 minute video

Highlight Reel


  • 10 hours of filming

  • Pre-wedding Consultations

  • Includes Videobook

  • 5 to 8 min video

Feature film

  • 1.5 days of filming

  • Documentary Edit

  • Unlimited Consulatations

  • Includes Videobook

  • RAW Footage included

  • Edited Ceremony and Speech footage

  • 8+ minute video

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